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Behave consistently:  #2 of Five Essential Leadership Behaviors

Although leadership styles may vary widely, certain qualities seem particularly appropriate for today’s stressful and dynamic workplace.  We have all worked with the person who is a great mentor on some days, and on others, we are sure that her evil twin has taken her place.  Some people have a difficult time dealing with stress and external circumstances.  If things are not going well for them, everyone else suffers for it.  Leaders can’t afford the luxury of being moody or mercurial.  Even if you, as a leader, are feeling bombarded from all sides, you must maintain your equilibrium in dealing with others.

People want to follow someone on whom they can depend.  A leader, for example, who one day can accept an honest answer from an employee or coworker (even if the news is not good) and the next day “shoots the messenger” will create an atmosphere of uncertainty and fear.  If that leader is one’s manager, an employee will concentrate more on staying out of trouble than looking for ways to do their jobs more effectively.


Beverly Y. Langford is President of LMA Communication, Inc.® a consulting, training, and coaching firm that works with organizations and individuals on strategic communication, message development, effective interpersonal communication skills, team building, and leadership development.