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EQ-i 2.0® (Emotional Intelligence Instrument)

In today’s pressure-cooker environment, where change has become the norm and stress levels are on the rise, being intelligent and well-educated doesn’t guarantee success. According to Reuven Bar-On, “there is a growing body of research findings that scientifically demonstrates that emotional intelligence predicts how well we perform at home, school and in the workplace.”

What can knowing your EQ do for you?

IQ measures our cognitive abilities. EQ, or Emotional Intelligence, denotes our capacity to understand and manage our emotions, develop and sustain productive and positive interpersonal relationships, respond appropriately to change, and manage stress in our personal and professional lives. This assessment can be used on its own or alongside the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) and the Personal DISCernment® Inventory (PDI®) assessments.

Dr. Reuven Bar-On’s instrument, the EQ-i, looks at the factors that can be important predictors of success and demonstrates a person’s overall Emotional Intelligence as well as the high functioning areas and the opportunities for development.

Unlike personality assessments, which provide an overview of one’s personality traits that largely remain the same throughout a lifetime, emotional intelligence can be developed and enhanced significantly over time.

EQ-i is a critical component for companies who are engaged in developing future leaders, planning for succession, or creating a productive workplace that leverages human capital. EQ-i can be used in individual executive coaching or can be delivered in a workshop setting.

Both the instrument and the workshop will provide participants with steps to increase one’s emotional intelligence and benefit from the action plan to grow in these critical competencies.

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