LMA Communication

Personal/Leadership Development

Investing in yourself and developing your own potential is a competitive edge that everyone needs, whether you’re a CEO, a mid-level manager, or entry level employee. LMA Communication offers workshops and courses that help you achieve more both personally and professionally. We are proud to offer a series of programs designed to enhance leadership in a variety of ways. Depending on the requirements of the organization, we can also customize these workshops.

Personal and Leadership Development Programs

LMA Communication has poured decades of experience and expertise into creating these programs for developing leaders. Review our workshops and courses below and then contact us to plan the perfect approach for your organization.
During this workshop, we will look at communication as the currency of leadership. Strategic, intentional, and appropriate leadership communication should be tailored to the situation and audience. This course covers key leadership communication errors and how to avoid them, the components of credibility, structuring communication for different audiences, the two essential leadership communication techniques every leader must master, and more.

Influencing others is an act of leadership, and persuasion and influence are key components of leadership communication. In this workshop, participants will examine how to influence others with integrity, build rapport, and avoid persuasion pitfalls. We’ll identify the steps and principles involved in influencing others, removing barriers, overcoming resistance, and developing both logical and emotional strategies to win over your target audience.
If you’re looking to up your social influence game even more, consider our online course Refuse to Schmooze and You Lose to boost your relationship building skills.

Business people often find it challenging to speak in front of groups, but it is vital to their overall success. Speakers can benefit from this course regardless of whether they are presenting to one person or a thousand. From developing an opening hook to communicating purpose to using both verbal and non-verbal communication to enhance your presentation, you’ll learn how to add pizazz and avoid pitfalls in this program. This program is also available as a combination of two online courses: Designing Engaging Presentations and Delivering Flawless Presentations.

If you need to be the bearer of bad news, this course is for you. Sooner or later any manager or other leader will need to tell someone something they don’t want to hear. How you share this information can make the difference between preserving a relationship and maintaining your own credibility…or destroying them both. Learn how to ease the pain of unwelcome information in this course, available both as an in-person workshop or online in our Delivering Unwelcome Information Without Wrecking Relationships video course.

Clear written communication is a critical success factor at all levels of your career. In this workshop, students learn to write and edit clear, concise, readable, and persuasive letters, memos, and reports. By cutting through gobbledygook and bureaucratic words, your documents can become reader-friendly and effective. Participants’ writing samples will be evaluated before the seminar to determine which areas need special attention. To ensure maximum retention of course materials, we also offer post-seminar monitoring and follow-up sessions.
Our short programs for leadership development are targeted and to the point, designed to help you level up faster. Courses include: How to Be a Star at Work, Building and Maintaining Your Personal Brand, Influencing Without Formal Authority, Developing Your Leadership Presence, Demonstrating Commitment: Performing Beyond the Boundaries of Your Job Description, Building a Brand as an influential Speaker: Take Stock, Take Aim, Take Action, and finally, Owning Your Seat at the Table: Communicating with Grace While Commanding Respect.