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Beverly Langford appearing on Connie Whitman’s Architect of Change. Having trouble getting your manager’s attention and approval for your good  ideas? Here are some guidelines for making sure that your message gets through. To listen and find out, you will be transferred to Connie’s web site.  Once there, click on

Beverly Langford appearing on Connie Whitman’s Architect of Change. These three elements play a huge role in how we communicate at work, in meetings , and in one-on-one conversations. These elements of our individual personas influence  how others perceive us in our work environments. To listen and find out, you will be

You like your job, and your performance reviews are stellar. You’ve put in the long hours, made considerable sacrifices, and now you are ready to reap the benefits of your hard work. However, when you try to talk to your boss about taking the next step, you sense that she

Shortly after the new book was published in August 2016, the author was interviewed about the contents by a number of national radio hosts. Additionally, Dr. Langford was invited to contribute several guest articles for several eMagazines and blogs.  These articles were generally 500-700 words on a topic related to

Being a mentor is both a humbling and rewarding experience.  Most of us shy away from asserting ourselves as “experts” on something, and facing the responsibility of influencing someone eager to gain words of wisdom (and possibly a magic formula) from you can be daunting. Too often, we forget that

It’s not surprising that mentoring has become a popular means of professional development.  The benefits are numerous and significant, but unfortunately, many well-intentioned mentoring initiatives fizzle or fail because the mentee fails to execute the basics of a successful relationship. If you are lucky enough to have a mentor, either

You made it through the interviews and got a great job offer. The salary was more than you expected. Now it’s up to you to make this transition a success. We all know how critical first impressions can be, and you can be sure that everyone is sizing up the

In today’s flatter, team-based organizations, you must successfully engage others in order to benefit from their expertise and advice. However, in our aggressive, largely individualistic culture, we recognize that other people may be turf protective and reluctant to share information that appears to give another person an advantage. How, then,

Some years ago, a student was giving a presentation for a class I was teaching. The idea was to persuade a resistant audience to change their attitudes or behaviors about an issue. In the course of her message, she recalled something one of her mentors had said to her: “If

Your coworker may be dedicated, hard-working, and good at her job. However, her active criticism of any and everything gets on coworker’s nerves and makes us want to insulate ourselves from her rants. Complainers sap energy from an organization because they make sure that every cloud has a lead lining.