LMA Communication, Inc.® is a professional services firm that works with management, departments and individuals on issues related to communication strategies and structures, message development, written and oral communication, and effective interpersonal communication skills.

LMA Communication provides custom-tailored solutions through facilitated strategic planning sessions, communication audits, focus groups, and leadership development.

Facilitation and Strategic Planning

Organizations today must have a clear strategic direction in order to succeed in a demanding marketplace. LMA Communication uses a proven strategic planning model to help companies develop a plan that the organization can use to test their decisions before moving forward.

LMA Communication facilitates these strategic planning sessions to make them productive and efficient. In addition, we conduct focus groups and planning sessions to gather information and develop action plans.

Communication Audits and Focus Groups

High performance organizations know the importance of creating structures that encourage clear, accurate, timely communication at all levels. Upper management must have a way to know what is going on in the field, and front-line employees need to understand the corporate vision and its strategies.

Are you delivering a consistent message to customers, suppliers, regulatory bodies, the investment community, and the public? A communication audit examines the various aspects of your company’s communication through a number of established methods and creates a plan for intervention in those areas that need improvement. At the end of a communications audit, you will have a clearer picture of how others see and understand your company, and you will have a plan to make the necessary adjustments.

Leadership Development

Identifying an organization’s future leadership and developing those people to step into positions of greater responsibility are critical to an organization’s ongoing success. Using proven assessment tools and surveys, LMA can help you target employees who can benefit most from a leadership development program that covers a period of nine months to a year, depending on your needs. We can tailor the components of the leadership training and development to the specific needs of your industry and company.

Executive Coaching

Executive development coaching can improve performance and productivity for individuals striving to excel professionally and personally. Coaching focuses on providing benefits to both the individual and the company. Executive coaching can be particularly useful when the employee is facing the following situations:

  • Assuming a new position
  • Experiencing performance difficulties
  • Preparing for advancement
  • Developing a specific skill or ability
  • Experiencing difficulty with interpersonal communication and work relationships
  • Struggling with balancing work and personal life.

Both individuals and their organizations can benefit from the highly targeted approach that uses a number of tools and assessments to help clients set attainable goals for improvement.