Organizational Communications and Teambuilding Workshops

LMA Communication® offers workshops and courses dealing with organizational communications and teambuilding issues. We work with companies to tailor training on a variety of subjects to the organizations’ specific requirements. Below is a summary of some of the more popular workshops.

Basic Team Building

High performance teams are critical to the success of many organizations today, yet simply declaring a group of people a “team” doesn’t enable the synergy that comes from true teamwork.

This workshop, using the nationally-acclaimed model developed by Team Resources Inc., steps participants through the key elements necessary to turning individuals or work groups into high performance teams.

Team Communication

Excellent communication is critical to any successful team experience. This half-day workshop examines both the qualities of excellent organizational communication as well as the barriers that prevent it. Using highly interactive exercises, the seminar allows your team to develop clear ground rules for improving its communication effectiveness.

Optional: You can assess your team’s communication before the workshop using an on-line survey that will produce an in-depth report of your team’s communication strengths and weaknesses.

Meeting the Meeting Challenge

How do you know if you really need to hold a meeting? Does everyone need to be there, and if so, do they all understand the objectives? Managing Productive Meetings teaches you how to lead a meeting as well as how to be an effective participant. This high-energy session uses experiential exercises and role play to

  • Decide on the right time and for your meeting
  • Establish authority without dominating
  • Set an agenda that keeps people on track
  • Make the best use of everyone’s time
  • Encourage participation—even from the silent types
  • Recognize disruptive behavior and deal with it effectively
  • Keep the meeting on track and on schedule
  • Make high-quality decisions

Conflict Resolution

Conflict in organizations is neither good nor bad. It’s inevitable, and how you handle it makes all the difference.

This half-day workshop allows participants to assess their own conflict resolution style, using a nationally-acclaimed conflict mode instrument, and helps participants learn to use other styles when appropriate.

Strengthening Self Awareness and Building Strong Working Relationships

Understanding oneself is critical to being able to understand others, therefore learning to capitalize on each other’s strengths and abilities in the workplace. The Personal DISCernment® Inventory and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® are two highly effective ways to help teams recognize each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

LMA Communication presents these instruments in a positive, non-threatening workshop environment that includes how to use these valuable tools once you acquire the knowledge. Individual consulting, using either or both instruments is also available.

The following two workshops are available as part of this workshop.

Personal DISCernment® Inventory

Each of us has strengths and weakness that make us more effective in some situations and less effective in others. Leadership and personal effectiveness are frequently determined by matching strengths against certain situations. The Personal DISCernment Inventory, developed by Triaxia Partners®, will enable you to discover and define how you view yourself and how you want others to see you.

This Inventory is not an exam, with right or wrong answers. It’s a tool to help participants discover and analyze their behavioral styles, work in environments conducive to success, and temporarily adapt behavior to create more productive relationships with others.

LMA Communication also works with individuals using this instrument.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)®

The MBTI provides a useful way of describing personalities by looking at their preferences on four scales. Understanding your preferences not only helps you appreciate your own strengths, gifts, and potential for growth, but also helps you understand and appreciate why others differ from you.

The internationally recognized Indicator has been translated into more than two dozen languages as people continue to discover this sophisticated and practical tool.

LMA Communication provides clients with an extensive computer-generated discussion of each person’s individual type along with an overview of the entire work group, team, or department.

Individual consultation is also available.