Personal/Leadership Development

LMA Communication® offers workshops and courses dealing with personal and professional development. We also work with companies to tailor these workshops to the organizations’ specific requirements.

Communicating as a Trusted Leader

This workshop looks at communication that is the non-negotiable currency of leadership.  Leadership communication has to be strategic, intentional, and appropriate to the audience and the circumstances. In this half-day workshop, participants can expect to learn the following:

  • Identify the key communication mistakes that leaders make
  • Learn what effective leaders need to know and need to do to communicate successfully.
  • Recognize the key components of establishing and maintaining credibility in communication
  • Discover the importance of making one’s thinking visible and how to accomplish this technique
  • Structure approaches to meet the audience’s needs and the leader’s objectives
  • Learn two leadership communication techniques that leaders must master
  • Discover ways to elicit employee input and build commitment

Leading Through Persuasion and Influence

Any time that you influence others, you are engaging in the act of leadership.  And leadership communication involves the language of persuasion and influence.  Participants will examine how we influence others with integrity and build rapport to establish connections, and avoid persuasion pitfalls.  Participants will develop clear insights into how to apply the principles of effective communication to elicit  commitment from those they lead. In this workshop participants will:

  • Identify the steps to influencing others
  • Learn to establish and maintain credibility
  • Identify and practice building rapport
  • Learn the principles of persuasion and how and when to apply them
  • Know how to remove barriers and overcome resistance
  • Develop strategies to win your audience at both the logical and emotional levels

Designing and Delivering Powerful Presentations

Speaking before a group challenges many business people, but it’s essential to both individual and corporate success. Whether participants need to present to one person or a thousand, this course can help speakers

  • Develop an opening that “hooks” the audience
  • Clearly state the presentation’s purpose
  • Provide pizzazz to help the audience retain key points
  • Use dynamic non-verbal language to support your message
  • Develop effective visual support that enhances rather than detracts from your presentation
  • Avoid the most common presentation mistakes. Participants benefit from videotapes of their individual presentations, complete with constructive critiques and techniques to improve their specific skills

Breaking Bad News: Delivering Unwelcome Information without Destroying Relationships

The worse the news, the more time we need to spend on developing our communication, yet many of us either avoid delivering unwelcome information or do an inferior job of managing the situation. In this seminar, we will deal with

  • Choices between the indirect vs. direct approach to a bad-news message
  • How to establish the proper tone
  • Presenting bad news in a reasonable and understandable way
  • Build bridges that contribute to the health of the ongoing relationship

Managing the Writing Process

This one- or two-day seminar teaches personnel at all levels to cut through the gobbledygook and bureaucratic words and write clear, concise, readable, and persuasive letters, memos, and reports. Participants will learn to:

  • Develop a communication strategy
  • Define objectives and analyze the audience
  • Organize information effectively
  • Edit for instant readability
  • Design reader-friendly documents
  • Proofread to avoid embarrassing errors

Before all writing skills seminars, we will evaluate participants’ writing samples to determine areas which need special emphasis and tailor the seminar to those needs. If you desire, we also offer post-seminar monitoring and follow-up sessions, if necessary, to ensure the highest retention of the course materials.

Short Programs for Leadership Development

  • How to be a Star at Work
  • Building and Maintaining your Personal Brand
  • Influencing Without Formal Authority
  • Developing Your Leadership Presence
  • Demonstrating Commitment: Performing Beyond the Boundaries of Your Job Description
  • Building a Brand as an Influential Speaker: Take Stock. Take Aim. Take Action.
  • Owning Your Seat at the Table: Communicating with Grace while Commanding Respect.